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Frequently Asked Questions
What does Atko Gobal do?

Atko Global assists organisations in preparing for and managing ERP projects by ensuring a holistic approach is taken across the entire spectrum of activities to ensure a successful outcome that is both on time and within budget.

Atko Global also assist organisations that have an underperforming ERP system and are looking to improve its operation.

Atko Global act as mediators for disputes between ERP clients and software/implementation vendors. We can also provide expert witness services in the case of intractable disputes.

What part of the world does Atko Global operate in?

Atko Global are based in Sydney, Australia but operate worldwide and are available for assignments in any location.

Does Atko Global select or recommend ERP software?

Atko Global has a proprietary process for identifying the needs of the organisation that the ERP systems can be tested against to ensure the company gets the correct software that is required. This avoids the massive modification and additional software costs generally associated with ERP projects that can be a major cause of project cost increases and delay overruns.

At what point does Atko Global get involved?

Atko Global can intervene at any stage of an ERP project. From concept and modelling specifications through to contract negotiation, project management, implementation and live running or improving a poorly functioning ERP system.

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