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To help businesses or people interested in ERP or business systems, Atko Global has published many articles and blogs as well as speaking at conferences.

Below are links to our list of popular ERP blogs.
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Atko Global makes it's blogging service freely available and you may view the above blogs at any time.

Atko Global also has an extensive collection of business articles that have been written and are available for viewing below.

Enterprise Resource Planning. A Vision not yet Achieved - 16th October 2014

Lack of Real Executive Involvement Limits ERP Success
7th October 2014

Obtaining The Full Benefit From ERP in Manufacturing
- 26th September 2014

The Importance of the ERP Contract
8th September 2014

Corporate Structure and Technology Disconnect
- 4th September 2014

ERP Hype Not Matched by Results On The Ground
- 1st August 2014

The Characteristics of a Good ERP Project Manager - 14th July 2014

ERP Technology Is Beyond Our Ability To Utilise
- 9th May 2014

Damaging Your Business With Failed ERP
- 29th April 2014

Will Cloud Make ERP Implementation Easier -  16 April 2014

The Gap Between ERP and Management - 12th February 2014

How To Kill Your ERP Project
- 15th April 2014

ERP Failure Begins Before Implementation
- 7th April 2014

Fundamentals of Materials Planning in ERP
- 31st March 2014

Expert Witness View of ERP Failure - 27th March 2014

ERP: Project Failure is the Standard
- 13th March 2014

ERP and Waste Elimination - 22nd February 2014

The Business & ERP
- 13th February 2014

ERP Software Selection Traps
- 4th February 2014

ERP: Wisdom in Hindsight
- 30 March 2014

Our ERP Doesn't Work!
- 27th November 2013

The State of the ERP Industry
- 21st November 2013

ERP Consultants, Which One?
- 11th November 2013

When ERP SYstems Take On A Life Of Their Own
- 5th Nov 2013

ERP Project Struggle To Deliver
- 31st October 2013

ERP Success Stories Are Few & Far Between
- 23rd October 2013

ERP: Expert Witness
- 15th October 2013

ERP Reality
- 11th October 2013

ERP: Are We Becoming More Wary of Vendor Spin
- 30th Sep 2013

ERP: A Hard Lesson Learned
- 17th September 2013

ERP Failures, Do You Just Walk Away?
- 9th September 2013

ERP Project Reviews
- 22nd August 2013

ERP: The Proven Implementation Path
- 16th August 2013

ERP Vendor Integrity
- 14th August 2013

Under Resourcing ERP
- 7th August 2013

ERP & Management Disconnect
- 4th August 2013

ERP: Implementation Goals
- 1st August 2013

The ERP Project Plan: First Signs of Trouble
- 15th July 2013

ERP Disasters: Finding the Culprits
- 28th June 2013

ERP: The Journey Doesn't End with Live Running - 16th May 2013

"ERP Experts". Really? - 12th May 2013

ERP: Selection & Configuration - 7th May 2013

Cost Blowouts in Software Modifications
- 2nd May 2013

ERP: The Blame Game Hasn't Changed
- 24th April 2013

st of Breed ERP Software - 19th April 2013

Who Should be Project Managers? - 18th April 2013

Blowing the ERP Budget - 18th April 2013

Compensation for ERP Failure - 16th April 2013

Do ERP Vendors Lie? - 14th April 2013

ERP: Success is Managing ALL the Issues - 12th April 2013

ERP: An Executive Reputation Killer - 11th April 2013

What do You Expect from your ERP Project? - 9th April 2013

ERP: Bad News - 8th April 2013

ERP Education - 4th April 2013

ERP: Failure to Enhance Planning & Control - 4th April 2013

ERP: The Parts Master - 26th March 2013

ERP Mindset - 25th March 2013

ERP Technology Implementation - 18th March 2013

Is Your ERP Consultant Earning their Money? - 13th March 2013

Realistic ERP Implementation Plans - 11th March 2013

ERP Experts - 3rd March 2013

Conference Room Pilots

ERP: Lessons Ignored

ERP Problems Continue to Plague Industry

The Devil's Triangle in Action

When MRP Fails

The New Breed of ERP Experts

ERP: Pending Disaster "Code of Silence"

ERP: Vendor Reference Sites

The ERP Project Plan Trap

The Real Cost of ERP Shortcuts