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ERP: Bad News
Monday, April 08, 2013

Have you ever wondered why we don’t read too much about the poor behaviour of ERP vendors and their implementation people?

With so many complaints from ERP customers about the ERP industry you would think the newspapers and computing magazines would be full of the rorts that go on in the ERP industry.

If you scour the pages of these publications you may find mention of a company that is having problems with their ERP project or find an article about a company that has gone into liquidation blaming a poor ERP outcome and some reference to who they are blaming but you won’t find articles criticising ERP industry or vendors for their poor image.

The survey results of ERP failures are somewhere between 55-70% of all implementations and whilst no one party is completely responsible for these failures (The Devils Triangle) a lot of complaints emerge about ERP vendors and their implementation partners. This is a global scandal but the world remains silent.

There is so much fog about ERP failure generated by ERP vendors to confuse and silence people that no-one has acted to stop it. The loss to our industries is staggering and distracts companies from pursuing other opportunities.

Why then do we not read about this in newspapers and technology magazines? This where we would expect to get some worthwhile insight into what is happening to help us make decisions.

It is not difficult. Just flick through these publications and see how many advertisements there are for ERP systems and imagine the dollars being paid to the publications for these advertisements.

Do you really think these publications are going to print anything that may jeopardise their revenue from the advertisements? Not likely as the advertising from the ERP industry worldwide probably runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

So where do we get informant on what is happening out there in the world of ERP? The industry is so big (50 billion dollars) they have the capability of controlling through the media what is said and not said about them! The really great source of information comes from the internet where people like myself are able to talk about our experiences from the real world and cannot be silenced when we see the rorts that go on every day.

The ERP industry can only be cleaned up by a grass roots revolt from customers who demand better and enforce it through contracts and legal action where they have been misled or ripped off.