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ERP "Experts", Really?
Sunday, May 12, 2013

A quick search of the internet reveals multiple companies and people claiming to be experts in ERP. I can only presume this means they know how the ERP systems should work in an organisation. The statistics on successful ERP implementations would suggest their expertise doesn’t run into the area of implementing the technology successfully.

Somewhere between 55-70% of ERP implementations do not yield the expected results and some end in bankrupting organisations. And all of this from so called experts!

Companies engaging in legal action against software houses and their implementing partners (sometimes the same organisation) is on the rise as multi-million dollar investments go wrong. In no other industry would we see such failures tolerated!

The MRPII and ERP technology has been around since the 70s and it is inconceivable that we haven’t been able to master the implementation process. I can find no other example of technology or process that we would accept such failures and not develop methodologies that would give us success almost every time.

Is it because to get the process of implementation right we would not need the so-called experts and would this represent a serious threat to the multi-billion dollar ERP industry that exists today.

After thirty years of ERP involvement and analysis of multiple projects my belief is the industry is a con and won’t change due to the huge dollars it generates all at the expense of the corporate world.

Analyse what you are really trying to do with implementing ERP and you will find you are paying huge sums of money for something you have to do yourself anyway.

Experts that generate such poor outcomes are not experts at all but scammers and companies should be diligent in what they are paying for and the real expertise they are getting.