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"In embracing the challenges of integrating SAP into our business, ABB wanted more than to align with established processes but to use the opportunity to really improve and draw the best practices from a well managed ERP system.  At the same time, and being aware of the various levels of success with SAP implementation, we wanted to manage our handover issues and be really running well with the system within 12 months of "go live" rather than the longer periods often quoted.

Ray Atkinson with his extensive experience in manufacturing and ERP implementation came into the business to review the current practices and then propose the areas for improvement.  Recognising that Ray's contribution would be crucial to the overall program, it followed that Ray commenced to work with the ABB team to combine our ideas with the SAP business models so we could achieve the desired outcomes.  In his engagement with the stakeholders Ray was able to draw out the best ideas and get the buy in from everyone involved.

Ray then supported the business through the "go live " stage and for a period beyond that whilst the system was being bedded down and the implementation issues were being resolved.  Ultimately we achieved our goals thanks in no small part to the enthusiasm and passion that Ray brought to the project and the free and engaging way which he imparted his knowledge and experience into the process and the people involved."

Greg Buckman
Vice President of ABB Australia
Medium Voltage Products Division
ERP Implementation

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