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This book has been written  for non-technical executives looking to implement ERP.

Simple to read takes about 1 hour!

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ERP Global Survey

- 25%-75% budget blowouts on all implementations!
- 60% require software modifications or additional software!
- 75%+ fail to achieve any tangible business benefits!
- Successful implementations only achieve 50% of benefits!

ERP Improvement Seminar! Most organisations struggle to get benefits from their ERP system. This seminar shows you how to take your ERP system and fine tune it to give you the maximum returns. Next seminar October 2015. More details later.

Excellent feedback on relating our many years of experience into the seminars. Our experience really is worth listening to!

Are you in NSW and having problems selecting, implementing or operating with your ERP system? We offer a free consult to look at your ERP system and advise you on steps to be taken.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
The Great Gamble
By Ray Atkinson